Feeling the pinch?

To be completely honest, with all the stress of the last 2 years, I’m surprised anyone has any hair left! We do however, and as ever we will continue to provide a respite for the weary and the follically chaotic.

Did you know I have a full team of excellent hairdressers and colourists? They are all amazing humans, and I’ve always stuck to the rule that if I didn’t want them in my living room, I wouldn’t employ them. Why am I telling you this? Well, let me explain..

We get A LOT of phone calls every day requesting me. That’s great for my rather already massive cranium, however I can no longer fit people in. I have a waiting list that’s longer than the Bayeux tapestry, and most of my clients still want me after 24 years. So, what can we do? Here’s my plan..

We are a co operative salon, working with each other to achieve the best results. I and the other members of staff are always putting our heads together to find solutions to the most complicated hair. If I can’t tame your manes when you need, then they are your best alternative as I know their training and their capabilities. Other stylists in other salons are available, obviously, but I can butt in much easier in my own one.

And then there are my Newly Qualified Stylists (NQS). They are fabulous. With the most up to date training in the salon and constant training, these guys are fresh, but still amazing. All consultations are done with a senior member of staff, not because we don’t trust them, but because we are ALL learning continuously. These guys come with the added bonus of being a little lighter on the pocket.

So, in a nut shell, come see us. ALL of us. Even if it’s just for a consultation, let us fill you with the calm serenity you deserve in this hectic life we lead.

I’ve rambled enough,

Love always, Tom xx

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Coming soon: Costs: the truth & ways we can work together to bring them down.